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Apr 24 2019


Iran privatization organization thanked Persian Steel Company for management commitment.

Sunday, 18 December 2016 10:55 Written by نیروگاه شهید منتظری News
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The privatization organization while sending a letter to Persian Steel Company thanked for meeting the requirements of the contract of the transfer of Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant and its commitment to comply with the provisions of the relevant law.

Also, in this letter that was signed by Babak Zarghami, the director general of the office of supervision and prosecution of demands who wished more success of management and colleagues of this organization in order to achieve the ultimate goals of implementing general principles of article 44 of the constitution.

In this letter, the managing director of the company, Mr. Seyyed Mohsen Eftekhari thanked assistance, spiritual and financial support and granting full authority and trust of the managing director of Persian Steel Company, Mr. Haj Mohammad Falahatian and congratulated on this success which is another achievement in brilliant records of Pershing Steel Company. 

On the other hand, the company's managing director addressed the key role of colleagues and said: This achievement is the result of endeavors, determination, dedication, selflessness, creativity and tact of all employees.

Following this letter, a certificate of appreciation from managing director and all staff was given to Haj Mohammad Falahatian in which in addition to congratulation on this resounding success, more commitment and effort have been emphasized .


Translator : Samin Zarei

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