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Jun 17 2019

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Introduction of power plant

Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant located in the north of Isfahan next to the Oil Refinery has been founded in an area of 2.2 million square meters. The plant has eight units of 200 megawatts, with a production capacity of 1600 megawatts per hour in total.
The contract for the construction of four units of this power plant was concluded in 1979 between Tavanir and Technopromexport Company of the former Soviet Union and its installation operation began.
Units 1 and 2 in 1984, unit 3 in 1985, unit 4 in 1989, units 5 and 6 in 1998 and units7 and 8 in 1999 were joined to the country's electricity grid.
One of the main features of this power plant is the use of a dry cooling tower system (Heller) which has minimized water consumption in the power plant.  
Shahid Mohammad Montazeri power plant, as well as Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power generation Management Company was transferred to Persian Steel Company in accordance with Article 44 of the Constitution in early 2011.


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